The SD Foundation helps clients, investors and their supply chains to improve their sustainability performance by providing workshops, training seminars and other education activities. These offer practical support, guidance and encouragement directly related to clients’ everyday experiences.

Each programme is specifically designed to meet the needs of the particular client group, but many include similar activities such as:

  • Guidance, information and case studies
  • Workshops, seminars and site visits
  • Peer-group networking and knowledge sharing
  • Training/ advice and courses

Recent activities
The SD Foundation has run regular series of education events since 2006, including topics such as:

  • Costs and Sustainability
  • Design Quality & Sustainability
  • Site visits
  • Health & Well-being

Click on the links below for further details of past events:

Sustainable Homes 


Sustainable Building Products

Responsible Retrofit of Traditional Buildings


Forthcoming events

For forthcoming events in any programme, please click the link below:



Traditional Buildings

Sustainable Products



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